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quilts and more socks

I love Sunday mornings. Sleeping in a little and making a big breakfast. Dutch baby pancakes. This recipe. You have to make one, so good. I like mine with raspberry jam, mister likes his with just a bit of icing sugar no lemon. 
Yesterday I made a big pot of soup. This recipe. Except instead of potatoes which I didn't have any I used cauliflower which I had plenty of. Cooked seperately and blended with lots of heavy cream. It turned out even better. I added more than a splash of heavy cream because I love a creamy soup and thats how we roll around here. It was meant to last all weekend but the mister loved it so much it won't last so tonight we barbecue. 
The dogs got their bath today. Sydney runs and hides, she knows whats coming. She is doing so much better. Back to her old self which makes me so happy but she is on medication, twice a day. The things we do for our pets we love so much! 
Yesterday I found myself in one of those days where I had
no plans for anything whatsoever,  with the only thing to do but curl up and knit, I watched a ton of old classic movies. I love days like that. I watched Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, My Fair Lady, A Long Hot Summer (because I love Paul Newman) and Nancy Drew, Reporter.
This past week among some of the many many wips in my baskets that lay everywhere around the house, I managed to finish two quilts.
I finally sewed the binding onto my vintage fabric patchwork quilt, hand tied quilts have such a vintage quality to them. Also the easiest quilt you'll ever make, a whole cloth quilt using the Purl Soho lap duvet tutorial. Seriously, easiest quilt ever! The fabric is the lovely floral fabric from DailylikeCanada. The yardage is amazing. 62" wide. How perfect is that. I got 2 yards of the floral and 2 yards of the white cotton which is also 62" wide. If you want to dip your feet into quilting, then this is the way to go. Super fast, super easy and absolutely pretty fabrics are a plus. 
David claimed it, despite all the flowers he says its the coziest thing ever. 
Cozy things are good. 
I also released a new sock pattern. The pattern is called Primrose. A little collaboration between Dianne of the Suburban Stitcher Podcast and myself. She dyed up the lovely yarn which will be available on her etsy shop tomorrow I believe and along with some lovely bags! If you would like to knit a pair for yourself, use the discount code "suburbanstitcher" for 50% off. 
Socks are cozy and you can never knit enough!

Tea & Miss Marple

Happy May! Where did April go, it was a busy month for me and full of spring wildflowers! The fields and meadows are still brimming with them, different kinds at the moment. Lots of queen annes lace, which is a favorite of mine!
April was also full of sock knitting and sewing. I managed to come up with a little teapot cozy tutorial (at the end) and released a few sock patterns that had been brewing for quite sometime. 
Complete inspired by one of my favorite authors and characters, Agatha Christie and Miss Marple. Personally my favorite of all the novels is A Murder is Announced but really I do love them all. I'm just a huge fan of the genre plus the how can a knitter like myself not love a protaganist who solves crimes and knits all the time plus the added beauty of life in an english village!! My favorite Miss Marple is of course none other than Joan Hickson, to me she played it the best. 
All the patterns are available on Ravelry. I hope you all love them as much as I do!

What goes really well with knitting, well tea of course! Tea & knitting, two of my more favorite things but of course I love tea & sewing, so I combined the two. Its a very simple tutorial but all the instructions are below and I hope you have fun with it. Happy Sewing & Happy Knitting!

Tea Pot Cozy Tutorial

1/2 yd of 2 different fabrics (Fabrics are all from Dailylike)
1 X for outer lining
1 x for inner lining
bias binding at least 30" (I bought mine here)
pins, binding clips, rotary cutter, scissors and needle

Download the template here.
Print to 100% scale and make sure the little test square measures  square 1".

A few notes about the pattern,
Seam allowance is 1/4" and included in template.
The teapot will fit over a 2 cup brown betty teapot. 
I have not included instructions for binding, there is a great tutorial for binding here and how to make your own here
If you prefer, you can print out the template twice and tape the paper together along the fold line. This is useful if you want to avoid cutting 4x or if you decide to do patchwork and need to trim your pieces.

Cut out template and pin it to your fabric along the fold, cut out pieces 4x.
Also using template cut out your 2 pieces of insul-bright. If you don't have any at your local craft store quilt batting will work too, maybe double up to make sure it keeps the heat in.

Pin your ribbon at top in the middle of the outer lining piece with the loop inside the two pieces.
Sew along 2 outer lining pieces right sides together, slowly along the curves leave bottom edge.
Repeat for inner lining only add the insul-bright as well, it will be
insul-bright, fabric right sides together, insul bright 
and sew along outer edges leaving bottom edge, sew slowly since you will have 4 layers to sew through and a curve.

Take your outer lining and turn it right side out place your inner lining sandwich into the outer lining. 
Pin in place or use clips because now you will be attaching the binding at the bottom edge.
This closes in all the raw edges. 
I hand sewed the binding on the inner lining. Once the binding is done, your teapot cozy is ready for use.