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crepes & eco printing

Its been all about crepes yesterday morning and today. I woke up really this morning and decided have some for breakfast again. Sometimes the craving just hits you and thats all you want to eat, so we did for the past 3 days every morning. I substituted milk for almond, its all I had and it worked fine. I don't have a crepe pan and its on my wish list now. This recipe works great. No fillings, just powdered sugar but if I happened to have any nutella, trust me they would have been slathered. 
I feel like I've been so busy but with not a whole lot finished.. As I look around my craft room there are just piles and piles of wips. I was bit by the cast-on bug last week and so the piles just seem to increase. I have to take a week or two or three and just buckle down just to finish some things before it gets out of control. I have 2 crochet blankets on the go, one crochet shawl that just needs ends woven in, 2 shawl test knits currently in progress and a few lingering sock projects that I just work on from here and there. My log cabin pillow is still in progress, I knit on it when I have a few moments for a few rows but it is almost done. 
I find it so hard this time of year, I feel inspired by everything. The promise of spring and the coming wildflower season always gives me so many ideas. Bits of green are starting to peak out here and there everywhere we go even though today is just so cold I currently have 2 pairs of socks on, a hand knit sweater atop a long sleeve shirt and my long johns (yes those are great for lounging around the house) I have embroidery projects in my mind that won't go away, patterns that I am just itching to knit, cross stitch projects I want to finish and start and of course lovely yarn just staring at me waiting to be turned into cozy socks. Have you ever seen such pretty yarn, I am currently obsessed with Autumn Indigo!!!
 I have lovely stitch patterns floating in my daydreams that would be more lovely patterns. Its the scent of spring in the air, or my allergies and I'm delirious from all the meds, I suppose!
I've been so pleased and grateful with how well my recently released sock patterns have been received. Thank you to all of you who have cast on and let me know how much you are enjoying the patterns. Its means so much. I feel like I've made so many new friends through it. 
 I love knitting socks, I will always be a sock knitter. Been knitting them since my early teenage years when all I had to work with was worsted wool or acrylic yarn. I bought them from Lewis Craft in Canada which is now closed. My mom and I used to buy any yarn we came across at garage sales or value village.  The yarn that I love now is good, I look back and think about all those years I knit with those funky yarns and I am so appreciative of the indie dyers that make this their career. I am so envious as I do not have the patience or the inclination to learn how to dye. 
What would I do without etsy?!?
Speaking of dyeing, awhile back I asked Maria from ninja.chickens to eco print some linen for me and I recently got it back. It was so lovely of her and it turned out so beautiful. I have never had this type of dyed fabric before and I let it sit on my desk for awhile. I mulled over how I wanted to cut it and I had forgotten that hidden away in my stash of precious fabrics (insert me looking like Smeogal with my precious) some nani iro, oh how I looooove double
It paired perfectly, so I made a few bags. One will go to Maria for being so kind with her time, a couple for some knitterly friends and a couple for the #thlsockalong (how are your socks coming along) and of course one for me. The one below, I made deep and full of pockets because I love pockets for notions and big enough for a shawl project. Little snaps to keep the yarn from tangling. I love it!


Pillow Talk

It's finally warmed up a bit here. There was a beautiful sunset last week. I've been in cozy mode for the past couple weeks, double socks everyday. I was so happy to find pink tulips at the store earlier this week. They make me so happy. I'm not usually one to pick a word for the year but I think if I were to pick one it would be cozy. I'm aiming for making and knitting cozy things all this year. I'm off to a good start so far.
 I finished my english paper pieced pillow and already started another with scraps. Its been banished to my couch in the office because my hubby can only handle so much floral and pink. 
I also finished my quilt, my sewing machine never saw so much action in one day. I was determined because among allllll the knitting & crochet wips, I have 2 other quilt tops that need finished. I was on a 30's fabric kick over the summer and I would love to hand quilt those but that takes time. In the mean time I need to piece just one more carpenter block and then I will have a table runner. I love the 30's fabrics. Just love them! 
The other pillow that I need to finish is a little cute tilda house. Its this pattern and I used some of my precious tilda that I hoard like a hoarder whose life depends on hoarding. Seriously, Its so hard for me to break into my liberty & tilda stash, its just sooo pretty! Foundation paper piecing is fun once you get the hang of it, I definitely need more practice but this pattern was simple enough even for a newbie.
As if telling you all I didn't have enough crafty things going on I decided to use up some minis and started knitting a log cabin square, the goal is to make it into a pillow. Its so addictive I can't put it down.
I have a new sock pattern that I am just writing up and should be available soon. If you have not cast on some socks for the instagram knit along there is still plenty of time, the kal runs till the end of February. If you aren't on instagram  just make sure you add the hashtag #thlsockalong on your ravelry page so I can find the project.